Beth is where the Gray Goat story begins. She established Gray Goat in 2015 in Washington State, while getting a degree in Applied Mathematics. Ultimately, however, her passion and love for art led her to a career and tattoo business that she loves. Originally from Iowa City, Beth and her wife, Rene, returned to the area in 2016 to care for a terminally ill friend; moving Gray Goat Tattoo across the country. She cares deeply about her clients and artists. Beth wants Gray Goat to be a place where people from all walks of life can feel comfortable and have a great experience. She is versatile in her tattooing style, and enjoys working on projects ranging from minimalistic, fine line to elaborate color work. 

In her words, "If you combine the desire to be creative with the desire to make a difference, then I have found the perfect job."


Matthew graduated from Iowa State University in 2008. His love for art inspired a move to Iowa City to begin a tattoo apprenticeship under Ray "Stingray" Parrish(RIP). After 5 years with Stingray, Matthew, along with a co-owner, opened a tattoo business in West Liberty for 7 years. Matthew chose to come to Gray Goat to furthur his craft and personal development. Dark room comics, photography, and typography were his first loves in art. He greatly admires impressionistic painters, although his primary inspirations are realist painters and photographers including John Peter Witkin, Monet, and Van Gogh, in addition to great designers such as David Carson. He appreciates being a part of making his clients feel beautiful on the outside and inspiring confidence in their inner selves.


Originally from Seattle, Washington, Sabra is a tattoo artist and body piercer. She started her body modification journey with Gray Goat Tattoo in 2017. She was raised in a family with a long line of artists, and has been practicing many mediums since childhood. Sabra is also a huge nerd; she is a lover of all things geeky, and delights in bringing sci-fi and fantasy into body art. She believes that tattoos and piercings are a wonderful way to bring yourself joy and beauty in a way that can be seen everyday. Self expression through body modification is something that Sabra is delighted to help people achieve, and is one of the reasons she is passionate about her job.


Born and raised in West Branch, Lexi is no stranger to Gray Goat Tattoo. She's been a friend of Gray Goat since 2018, and is currently a tattoo apprentice and body piercer. Lexi started her body art adventure in 2023, and is thrilled to expand her knowledge of both tattoos and piercings.